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cold out here
Manufacturer: Brigade Models
Category: Fantasy

by goatman

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cold out here

cold out here

Now this lil´scene is my second attempt in source lighting and i have to give big thanks to Victoria for inventing this great thing to miniature painting.

I had a lot of pain with casting the 2 retainers on the back of the cavern into resin and i guess the whole village here heard me cry when the third attempt failed. The bad thing was, i had to redo the area with the crystals on the backside with each failure. Happily it worked the fourth time ... i guess if not i´d have thrown it out of the window

Btw. i really like the elve-range from i-kore, this range has some of their best female miniatures in it and most of the minis show great movement.

Hope you enjoy it

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Viewer comments:
#221179 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2007
Eah, realy cold
#195919 Rating: 10 18 Sep 2006
So when you say that the background is resin, does that mean you painted it to look translucent like that? Wow. If I could give it 11 I would.
#163609 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2006
Even though is fantastically painted, some people don't give this piece a ten. The lighting is off? Come on Tony Manero, this is amazing, aka a ten!!
#146663 Rating: 9 1 Sep 2005
very cool painting but most of the lightpoints are wronged, especially in the second mini from left
#125387 Rating: 10 7 Mar 2005
what is great, is great, there is nothing to talkin' about, if not the well-taken photos
#113029 Rating: 10 4 Dec 2004
Really fantastic lighting. Incredible effect. Respect...!
#112745 Rating: 10 3 Dec 2004
Cooler than a snowmans cold bits.
#96977 Rating: 10 9 Aug 2004
Amazing, as usual.
#91344 Rating: 10 27 Jun 2004
The painting is incredible. My only grip is that the two archers on the right seem to be illuminated from the front instead of from the torch.
#87358 Rating: 10 1 Jun 2004
I've never seen effects like this. Stunning.






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