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Space Marine Character (Gold, UK GD 2012)
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by glazed over

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Space Marine Character (Gold, UK GD 2012)

Space Marine Character (Gold, UK GD 2012)

A list of colours used and some larger pics can be found on my thread at Platoon Britannica:

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Viewer comments:
#378677 Rating: 9 26 Sep 2012
Very sharp!
#378674 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2012
I'm of the opinion that this is freakin awesome, reminds me of Brokenblade's Calgar. Double fist looks a bit silly but still great mini overall.
#378645 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2012
I saw this up close and the blending on this is some of the smoothest ive ever seen, this is how I would imagine Blood Angel armour should look like. It truly stood out for me this year. Well done and well deserved gold!!
#378621 Rating: 9 25 Sep 2012
I think this is a great piece. The use of light and reflections shows a great deal of thought went into placement and planning. Obviously nice and smooth.
#378620 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2012
Amazing paintjob! Awesome work, congratulations!
#378610 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2012
Well Dragonsreach you are intiteled to your oppinion and I dont know what works you have done. What I see in this is perfect blending and extremely precise and crish detailes in the highlights combines with a simple yet effective colourscheme. MY hat is off.
#378599 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2012
One of the most technically stunning paint jobs that i have ever seen in real life, it was a real pleasure to see on the day and very inspiring! well done! pics do not do this justice... Daz
#378593 Rating: 8 25 Sep 2012
This figure has been the subject of some sniping, now adjusted. Personally I think this is a nice paintjob, but to me nothing special. However the judges liked this on the day and THAT is what really matters. CONGRATULATIONS!
#378579 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2012
amazing work and well deserved demon, congratz!!!
#378578 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2012
I don't understand why this is currently rated 8.4.... great job! Lovely work, very inspiring! Well deserved Gold!






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