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Ork Warboss GD UK 2012 Finalist
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Category: Fantasy

by dogfacedboy uk1


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Ork Warboss GD UK 2012 Finalist

Ork Warboss GD UK 2012 Finalist

After sitting on my workbench for such a long time I decided to finish this model and take it along to the UK Games Day event and enter it into the Golden Demon painting competition, - just so I didnt turn up empty handed. Much to my surprise it was chosen as a finalist in the 40K Large Monster Catergory - an unexpected but welcome result!!! This was my first ever competition so I have now been spurred on to get some ideas together and get painting for GD 2013.

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#418614 Rating: 9 3 May 2014
wow love your base work! It's a great scene
#378733 27 Sep 2012
Thanks guys! Shakes - I agree I am a little disappointed in these photos to be honest, they looked alright at the time. But the WIP shots are up close and dirty so it is easier to see it. I cut these down to 500pixels so it was within the size limit, I was going to make them a little bigger.
#378700 Rating: 10 27 Sep 2012
epic job mate well tidy.
#378690 Rating: 8 27 Sep 2012
Nice paint job, and congrats for the finalist pin! I'd suggest getting more contrast on the skin, and using glazes of red of purple in the recessed to make it warmer.
#378686 Rating: 8 27 Sep 2012
nice one mate, and congrats for making the final!
#378684 Rating: 8 27 Sep 2012
Hey DFB, not sure if it's just me but most of the pictures feel quite grainy. Hard to really make out the details, I think a couple of the pics in your WIP thread may even have been better. Congrats on the pin, nice work : ) It's an awesome mini! Shakes






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