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Untold Honor, Details - Slayer Sword Golden Demon Germany 2012
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Picster

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Untold Honor, Details - Slayer Sword Golden Demon Germany 2012

Untold Honor, Details - Slayer Sword Golden Demon Germany 2012

Hey everyone,
i just noticed I didn't yet upload photos of my latest bigger project I finished.
I made it in a 3 hardcore weeks in the studio... so it was quite a short time for such a long project. Thanks to Roman for all his support in this time, when my mind was disturbed and full of sexy dwarfs, he brought me back to planet earth

So, a little bit about the project: It was around 250-300 hours of worktime in 3 weeks of project time.
The dwarf was sculpted out of a mix of fimo+super sculpey and the troll was slightly converted. All the detail sculpting work was done with MagicSculp just as the crows.
The base was made with Milliput. The gaming base is still removable from the wooden socket. Inside the wooden socket are 2 LED lights covered in resin water.
As the gaming base has no "floor" under the water the light comes through and the water looks somehow glowing, it is not visible on the photos though ;(

I tried to make a very interesting overall composition of color and shapes and tried to resemble the figures movements with the base.

After all I managed to win the Slayer Sword on the german Games Day... yeeeeees

So I hope you like the project and stay tuned for a big ass Step by Step on Massive Voodoo!


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Viewer comments:
#429445 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2014
GO Gotrek!!!! This is one of the most amazing dioramas I have ever seen!!
#394857 Rating: 10 16 Apr 2013
It's quite astonishing. Amazing moves !

#394843 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2013
Sublime tout simplement wonderful
#392130 Rating: 10 8 Mar 2013
Just amazing. You are crazy good.
#387269 Rating: 10 9 Jan 2013
Wirklich ein Meisterwerk. Mit dem verdienten Lohn dafür. Gratulation zu der Arbeit und dem Preis.
#382948 Rating: 10 18 Nov 2012
Yep. That's a slayer sword right there.
#381652 Rating: 10 1 Nov 2012
one word !superb!
#381323 Rating: 10 28 Oct 2012
#381150 Rating: 9 26 Oct 2012
Rly nice, I like the colors!
#381119 Rating: 10 26 Oct 2012
Qdeserves 12 IMO.....the dwarf......please go to gw and sculpt for them...never seen such a beautiful dwarf!






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