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Dark eldar jetbike
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by MrDracorus

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Dark eldar jetbike

Dark eldar jetbike

Hello so here is finally finished dark eldar jetbike with some cool LED effects, the one in the nose is pink and the one in the exhaust jet is actually UV light and is therefore nicely highlighting the snow on the base, battery is hidden inside the piedestal and connected with the LEDs in the mini with very very small copper wires hidden in the clear plastic rod. Hope you like it.

Here´s a link to youtube showcase video:

Please spread the word
Cheers Andrew

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#388300 Rating: 10 20 Jan 2013
Great work big inspiration
#386646 4 Jan 2013
Thanks for the rating and regarding the jet flame it´s simple, you take a piece of clear plastic bar (it has to be square cut) then you heat it up above a candle and twist it. That´s all...see simple I use the same method for making icicles, but instead of twisting you just gently pull the rod apart.
#386587 Rating: 9 3 Jan 2013
This is simply the best lighted model I've ever seen. How on earth did you make the jet flame?
#384928 Rating: 9 11 Dec 2012
Super nice - gave a 9 (want to give a 10) because I can tell the paint is good, but the pictures still leave me wanting a better view of the models paint job - LOVE the LED!
#384775 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2012
Nice use of the lights and a great, understated and subtle paint job! Well worth a 10!
#384696 Rating: 10 9 Dec 2012
#384633 Rating: 10 8 Dec 2012
Awesome paint job, great base, not too simple but not too complicated either. The illumination though it probably the best I have ever seen. Great job all around. I don't give 10's easy.
#384599 Rating: 9 8 Dec 2012
Usually I'm not a fan of led conversion, but in ur case u made it great!
#384573 Rating: 10 8 Dec 2012
Great idea, and great execution!
#384572 Rating: 9 8 Dec 2012
Very nice. I've seen lots of minis lit up with LEDs, but this is one of the only ones where the painting is good too.






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