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Ork Racing Driver (UK GD '96 Ltd. Ed.)
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by nejoho

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Ork Racing Driver (UK GD '96 Ltd. Ed.)

Ork Racing Driver (UK GD '96 Ltd. Ed.)

This was my last minute replacement entry for UK GD Open competition 2003. I got through the first cut , but unfortunately, no further. I was pleased with the paint job but without conversions I don't suppose it stood much of a chance, and having seen the other entries I'm not surprised. ( Well done to all who entered!!)
It's a limited edition miniature by Brian Nelson , given away at Games day a few years ago, another one for the Ltd. edition wish list.
Comments welcome as always

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#247633 Rating: 8 17 Jan 2008
hahahaha What the heck?! That's an actual figure?? I NEEEEEED TO FIND ONE!!! Seriously though, GD is rough sometimes, and easier others, but that doesn't mean it's not a wicked paintjob on this. I love this figure and you should seriously feel proud to have it not to mention putting on such a slick coat of paint! Now... OFF TO EBAY!!! I seriously have to find one of these... lol
#78048 Rating: 9 18 Mar 2004
great! what more can i say?!
#54937 Rating: 9 24 Sep 2003
What a superb sculpt and wonderfully painted too. Its a very characterful figure and I love the colour scheme. Everything is just right - don't change a thing His skin is perfect and I too love the colour of his gloves. Think I'm going to add this to my list of "collectable wants". Well done on a top job!
#54691 Rating: 9 23 Sep 2003
This is really cool, lovely mini.
#54562 Rating: 8 22 Sep 2003
I really like this fig. Could you let me know what colors you are using on the gloves. I like the blue-ish tinge in the shadows but I want to be sure I'm seeing the colors correctly. Man, I love the Orks. Great job!
#54560 Rating: 9 22 Sep 2003
I like it, especially the neutral coloured gloves with the blueish shading. The skin's a bit too luminous to my taste, but I'm guessing that's just the photograph.






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