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Cadian Commissar
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by SJB

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Cadian Commissar

Cadian Commissar

I got this figure, a Cadian Lieutenant, and imediately felt he would look better as a Commissar. So, I sculpted a peaked cap on him and voila! Instant Commissar.

I honestly feel that this is the best paintjob I've done. Not, perhaps, the most technical but I am very pleased with the lack of messy areas that occasionally creep in when painting.

I entered the figure in UK Golden Demon 2003 and walked away with a bronze demon for him in 40k single miniature. I am very proud of that win.

Steve Buddle

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Viewer comments:
#323260 Rating: 10 29 May 2010
Its a shame that the pitcher dosent do it more justiace. I rember seeing it in real life and well it is still in my mind AWESOME WORK!
#229111 Rating: 10 8 Jul 2007
Wow this is amazing! How long did it take you to sculpt that hat? Would you make me one for my model??
#164709 Rating: 10 21 Jan 2006
Great paintjob and a very effective conversion!
#138461 Rating: 10 26 Jun 2005
you know how i feel about this mini Steve! it is in my opinion one of the best minis in the world! i wonder why its not a top ten! thanks for all the help you have given me. Torstein
#89911 Rating: 10 17 Jun 2004
This is one of the best painted minis I've ever had the fortune to see. It was one of only a few models that I remembered after leaving GD last year. Stunning. I've not seen better highlighting on black anywhere else, and the dust effects are outstanding. Can I buy it?
#86124 Rating: 10 23 May 2004
Clean, that's what every single little part of this mini screams Truly, this is maybe the cleanest and most cleverly detailed paintjob I've ever seen, bravo!
#73027 Rating: 10 7 Feb 2004
That really is a stunner! Simple conversion yet amazingly effective, and a wonderful paint job sets it all off!
#61369 Rating: 10 18 Nov 2003
I can't stop coming back to this fig, and I can't stop thinking that the peaked cap is way better than anything I can buy or sculpt myself, which makes me sad I can only hope my version of this figure is anywhere near as nice when I get around to making that Guard army!
#59497 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2003
Simply... perfect. The Icon of the imperial commissar!
#55504 Rating: 10 28 Sep 2003
Stunning. A simple conversion made to look like a masterpiece. Many people I showed this too couldn't tell what the conversion was it looks so seamless and well incorporated into the model. Brilliant work, consider the idea stolen for my own army. Fantastic inspiration and definitely one of the best Guard models I've ever seen.






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