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Warhammer Nurgle Lord
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by boyzie


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Warhammer Nurgle Lord

Warhammer Nurgle Lord

Really enjoyed painting this and making him ooze and rot.

Hope you enjoy.

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Viewer comments:
#460456 Rating: 8 14 Jan 2018
Great paintjob! I'm not sure for the "Smarties ice cream" on the base.
#421297 Rating: 10 9 Jun 2014
Cool m8!
#405624 Rating: 9 13 Oct 2013
Sorry should be rate 9
#405623 Rating: 6 13 Oct 2013
Wow, awesome work!! Effects on belly and axe are stunning.
#386240 Rating: 9 29 Dec 2012
@ Trucker: Well done, you did the right thing.
#386105 Rating: 9 27 Dec 2012
@ Mertaal: Sounds like we have ourselves a troll here. My reason is as good as any. For instance, take the judges at GD. If 50% of all the single miniatures in a catagory is the same, you score low because its not interesting and unimaginative. So stop your whining and read what I wrote: I think looks awesome. The more differente versions you see, the more its takes for the single one to stand out, and lately there have been a casillion % more of these than there has ever been on my version of the 1989ish dark angels captain. Now, I am going to give this mini another score now, not because of your whining but because I think its unfair for this mini to suffer under the trololololing of people like you.
#385782 Rating: 9 22 Dec 2012
@ trucker= That has to be the stupidest reason to give someone a lower vote than they deserve.
#385465 Rating: 10 18 Dec 2012
Absolutely incredible from top to bottom. Love it!
#385457 Rating: 7 18 Dec 2012
No doubt it looks awesome, this mini is just so (ab)used, they are everywhere, so its not realy interesting to look at anymore.
#385287 Rating: 9 16 Dec 2012
It looks great! Like the amour very much! You did a great job on the base






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