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Sirena - Origen Art
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Fantasy

by Bogno


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Sirena - Origen Art

Sirena - Origen Art

Origen Art

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#387765 Rating: 10 14 Jan 2013
I think this is incredible - the textures are amazing, brilliant work! I really enjoy the colours, also...the green ambience is very interesting. Very very impressive work!
#386094 27 Dec 2012
Aldarionn: the structure of the tail is made of a new laser cutting paper. original is smooth.
#386090 Rating: 10 27 Dec 2012
Beautifully done, the scale patterns really stand out next to the cloth and the metals. Really impressive!
#385993 Rating: 9 25 Dec 2012
Beautiful piece! I love the mini as well, and hopefully mine will end up with an equal impressive atmosphere. Maybe you can add next time some close ups, to increase the rating even higher thanks for the great inspiration in mini painting.
#385941 Rating: 10 24 Dec 2012
WELL DONE! Scales are my favorite part about the model and I love the built terrain. Thanks for sharing the manufacturer!
#385934 Rating: 9 24 Dec 2012
I just ordered mine from figone, fantastic miniature, cool texture on the fish part!
#385929 Rating: 10 24 Dec 2012
Oh man, I didn't realize the scales on the tail were just painted on and not a texture on the model. That's some phenomenal freehand! Could we get some closeups of the tail?
#385925 Rating: 10 24 Dec 2012
A totally origonal direction on this brilliant piece. The painting is just pure class
#385748 Rating: 10 22 Dec 2012
Great work! I really love that natural look. Also noticed that scales on a tail are own production of Bogno.
#385743 22 Dec 2012
Aldarionn: thank you, the manufacturer is Origen Art






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