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Radical Ordo Xeno Inquisitor Flying Fortress
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Puzi

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Radical Ordo Xeno Inquisitor Flying Fortress

Radical Ordo Xeno Inquisitor Flying Fortress

Modified dakka bomber hull, with imperial engines and weapons. Prepared for a campaign on the frozen world Mortis.

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#399333 Rating: 9 23 Jun 2013
This thing is so beautiful. Not just "cool", but very well painted. The basing is just killing me though. I understand that yellow is a primary color (with a figure that's mostly blue and red), but it is just so bright, and looks unrealistic -- both in the way it's formed (unnatural looking) and the way you painted it (saturation of color, washes). It just draws too much attention on a model that has so many more interesting details.
#387382 Rating: 9 10 Jan 2013
To quote my great-grandfather, who died doing what he loved (cooking pheasant): "Holy shit."
#386288 Rating: 9 29 Dec 2012
Cracking mini, love the Inquisitor she is pure class where did you get her from? as for the overall feel again class as Shadowcatdecoy says, the irony. But then again totally fits (in my head anyway) as to what a radical Inquisitor would do. ~Orky style dakka with imperial weapons, driver and hopefully reliability via a half decant Techpriest. The only thing i would twist about (and only because its a pet hate) take a hobby drill to the assault cannons!!! and i and give the bullets somewhere to exit. otherwise that Techpriest is going to see the wrong end of a bolt pistol up close and personal. 9-10 as long as the assault cannons are fixed ha ha
#386091 Rating: 9 27 Dec 2012
I like the irony of this piece, converting an Ork vehicle back to Imperial. The burns and scorching really add to this piece.






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