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ultramarine survivor
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by cyril

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ultramarine survivor

ultramarine survivor

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#174403 Rating: 7 13 Apr 2006
I'm not feeling the vertical lined "weathering" ... it seems a little too contrived for me. Talent wise, obviously you know how to use the brush... but would all the armor weather and age perfectly in a linear up/down fashion ? the answer is NO. The highlights up to white are too over the top... WEIRD. I'm not feeling it.
#108088 Rating: 9 28 Oct 2004
To me, ratings should be given on the basis of skill and this is extraordinary. If you picture pristine blue armor and then imagine what it looks like after a month underwater. Top shelf.
#90010 Rating: 7 18 Jun 2004
While I am not denying the painter has skill, I really don't like the scheme or the effect he has acheived. Don't get me wrong, the blending etc is top notch, but it looks too cluttered IMO and dare I say it the mini looks, well, ugly. As well as that, although his armour is incredibly tarnished and dirty etc., it appears his weapon and pouches managed to completely avoid getting anything on them! Good skill, but I don't really like it. *waits for backlash*
#78204 Rating: 9 19 Mar 2004
Do you use Vallejo colours ?. It is great !, and I would like to learn what colours did you use for the face/head. Thanks. Eduardo.
#64550 Rating: 9 11 Dec 2003
I's one of the most interesting "marines painting scheme" I've ever seen!
#54596 Rating: 9 22 Sep 2003
I love the way this model manages to look both realistically dirty, yet extremely neatly and cleanly painted. It is a very refreshing change from the way Space Marines are usually painted!
#54261 Rating: 9 20 Sep 2003
That's one funky looking ultramarine... Can't say I've ever seen anything quite this. Very cool... Apologies to Micha, I must assure you, however, that I'm no traitor.
#54147 Rating: 10 19 Sep 2003
This must be the best space marine I have ever seen! Great blending techniques allow for great weathering and a very smooth appearance. It is a work of art!
#54012 Rating: 10 19 Sep 2003
Aaaaaaah! this is, is , is this is a Space Marine! This is just unbeliavable man, I know you´re the master of blending, but that you could turn a simple, slightly converted spacemarine into a masterpiece.... I am perplexed; this ultramarine surpasses everything I have ever seen in blending, even in military modelling, the metal trim on the shoulderpads looks scaryngly real - this is THE spacemarine and whover gives this less than 10 is a traitor ! please, cyril, paint torquemada coteaz, I would die to see him painted by you!
#54005 Rating: 9 19 Sep 2003
Le PDPS a besoin de toi!






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