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Eldar Harlequin
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by ramonlaan

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Eldar Harlequin

Eldar Harlequin

This was my 40K single entry for Games Day UK 2003. Made first cut. It is heavily converted froma howling banshee model.

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Viewer comments:
#188889 Rating: 8 7 Aug 2006
Nice dynamic pose and graet blending. Maybe some more pics just to show the pose from side?
#181856 Rating: 8 12 Jun 2006
The conversion is awesome. and the paint job is stunning, just a tiny little bit is bugging me: The legs. I dont know what it is exactly, i need to see different views to put the finger on it. At the moment they just dont look long enough, or mayge they lack some anatomic detail, I'm not sure, but something looks incorrect. It might as well just be the relation to the mask.

#131900 Rating: 10 3 May 2005
Very good Idea to do an Harlequin ! I love the colours, very nice blending from blue to purple. Very nice !
#63009 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2003
I had the pleasure to see this mini in real life and though this picture is nice it doesn't do it justice. I loved this one when I stood before your showcase in Tilburg with Ming-Hua. Was my favorite then and I still love it.
#56589 Rating: 9 8 Oct 2003
Beautiful work Ramon. In this angle of the pic, I think the models left leg(right in the pic) looks a bit awkward. A side angle shot would be nice Anyway, great model, sad it didn't place, it should've. Cheers
#54696 Rating: 10 23 Sep 2003
Ramon, I am sorry you keep getting shut out of the big prizes!!! Thank you for sharing this with me before as well! He is very nice and the color blends have really inspired me to try some new things out As always, awesome work! - Glyn
#54480 Rating: 9 22 Sep 2003
Well, I did see it upclose. I think you didn't win anything cause there were some slight painting flaws. Especially the shoulder had some rough highlights IMO. Nonetheless, it's a memorable entry.
#54367 Rating: 9 21 Sep 2003
Terrific! I have to say that this mini is nowadays the only Harlequin miniature i like. Great job
#54101 Rating: 10 19 Sep 2003
i think this should have won gold (at least sivler ) this is for sure one of the best mini'es i have ever seen
#54087 Rating: 9 19 Sep 2003
Wow This I didn't see. I saw that the competition was fierce, but not this fierce! This is a really subtle colour scheme, and the pose is great. GW take note More Harlequins.






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