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Dark Angels force - 2 weeks of crazy painting
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by lono


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Dark Angels force - 2 weeks of crazy painting

Dark Angels force - 2 weeks of crazy painting

So, I've not had much of a life of late. But I do have quite a large force of Dark Angels painted, which sorta makes up for it! The picture's really big so zoom in to see things clearer. It's about as good as I can do with my camera setup I reckon.

This is about as good a balance between quality and speed as I can muster as far as painting goes. My eyes don't work properly when looking at things that are human sized any more. Too much close focus!

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#389985 8 Feb 2013
Really pleased to see that folks like the force. I know that individually they aren't anywhere near the quality of art that some people here create, but as a whole it's pleasing they make such a good impression. Yes, it was indeed two weeks, not two years boubi. I painted faster than it's healthy for anyone to do to tell you the truth! The green cockpits - some folks seem to love 'em, some hate 'em. I just fancied mixing it up a bit. Thanks again guys.
#389613 Rating: 9 4 Feb 2013
Its truly an achievment to paint it so fast, Im delighted. I can see a lot of airbrush here, if there was no airbrush it would be unbeliavble. Only one thing is awful and corrupt the whole impression- those dismal green cockpit glass.
#389598 Rating: 10 4 Feb 2013
10 for me great job, great work.....franck ribault avalon
#389586 Rating: 9 4 Feb 2013
So cool! When I look at your army I feel like having my own! Brilliant colors, nice basing. Definitly one of the best army I have ever seen
#389487 Rating: 9 3 Feb 2013
You mean two years, right?? If yes already a decent job, if you really meant two weeks, I would say, mmmhhhh, he is painting faster that I would ever do.... Really nice job! There will be a happy Dark Angels player soon!
#388989 28 Jan 2013
Thanks, it was a lot of fun in a slightly mad way!
#388895 Rating: 9 27 Jan 2013
For a mere two weeks that is some seriously unbelievable work. Nicely done!






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