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nurgle chaos demon prince
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Spanky

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nurgle chaos demon prince

nurgle chaos demon prince

This was my entry for the 2003 Chicago Golden Demon. I didn't win but I made first cut, Which I thought was pretty good for the second painting competition Iv'e ever entered. This model was a bunch of firsts for me. This was my first attempt at NMM, and being me I had to make it harder on myself by trying to age/ weather it. I think the green oxidation on the brass turned out good, as well as the rust on the oter parts. This was also the first time I used water effects on a mini. I used the two part epoxy stuff, with paint and a brown flock mixed in to get that "putrid swamp" feel. The base was lots of fun. (inspired by the "Behind Enemy Lines" movie, if you have seen it you know the part I'm refering to) I also used some freehand on this model to put microscopic images of viruses on the armor in various locations. The ebola virus can be seen on the shoulder guard and power fist. Rotovirus, Herpes, Influenza, and E.Coli make an apperance too.
Let me know what you think, and if you have questions, please ask!

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#227770 Rating: 10 24 Jun 2007
This beast of a prince deserves a higher score than 8.6. I remember when I saw this one for the first time in 2003. I dropped my jaw back then and I did so now. This is so cool it's not even funny.
#109200 Rating: 9 6 Nov 2004
I remember trying to bid on this but I lost out at the last minute. Boy I wanted it so bad.
#98441 Rating: 9 19 Aug 2004
salut! je trouve cette conversion vraiment magnifique,les couleurs utilisées rendent vraiment bien,c'est pourquoi j'aimerais que tu me dise comment a tu peint l'armure de ton champion.merci Alex.
#72044 Rating: 9 1 Feb 2004
Hey man thats cool! I like it! Do you make it just out of GS?(maybe there are mistakes in my sentences, I'm from german.) How did you make the Head, i like it very much! I want to make something like that, but I don't know how you made it! WOuld you help me? It would be nice! Marc-john
#71631 Rating: 8 29 Jan 2004
I got to see this one while I was in Chicago. I like the sword but I think the holes are too perfectly round and obviously drilled...I thought they'd look better more ragged. I felt the waist nearly ruined the didn't look rotten/dried-out, emaciated to me...just thin and odd. The subtle patterning was cool, nice touch. I think the sword hand looks like it's about to dro pthe that intentional? Super nice and very smooth painting overall, I thought it should've beaten the fig that took third. Peace.
#62947 Rating: 8 29 Nov 2003
Very well done. The only issue I have with it is the back; aside from the ends of the shoulder guards and the waist, he looks "untouched", I think it would have benefited from a bit of the blistering you have on other areas, as it is from the back he doesn't look much like a nurgle demon.
#58690 Rating: 9 29 Oct 2003
Holy infected ! muhaha !
#55432 28 Sep 2003
Reply to snowdog: Wow. You hit on the two things I struggled with the most on when planning this mini. (kinda spooky) First, the banner. You see alot of banners on minis, and I do use them and like them. However, this mini I wanted to be very un-assuming, a kind of "creeping death" demon prince, not unlike a virus. Second, bloating. Its very well recognized as a nurgle trait, but its not one of my favorites. I think the GW versions are a bit overdone, and since there are many kinds and stages of death and decay, I opted to go the route of the thinner, emaciated type. I went back and forth on these issues alot, and it's possible my decision may have hurt me in the long run at the golden demon. Oh well, sometimes you have to take risks and try something different. You have some great insite snowdog, thanks for bringing these subjects up!
#55314 Rating: 9 27 Sep 2003
Hey, great work! The sword is outstanding. Very "clean" job (if I can say it so to a nurgle-champ)
#55281 Rating: 9 26 Sep 2003
The virus freehand is very cool!






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