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The Fiddler - White Dragon Miniatures
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by Darkmessiah


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The Fiddler - White Dragon Miniatures

The Fiddler - White Dragon Miniatures

This is the boxart for the White Dragon Miniatures The Fiddler, it was completed over 3 weeks. The digital camo effect was created in part using critical mass games camo masking sheet.

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#395592 Rating: 9 25 Apr 2013
wow! great work and i know it takes time to do such a thing! I feel bad that the "trolls" attacked on you. Go ahead kids, try do a better job! I dont think you can, and if this guy had fun doing this and want to show the world, let him! and try do be nice about it! Its just a hobby!
#394989 17 Apr 2013
thanks for all the comments guys and girls! they are very much appreciated What do they say about not feeding the trolls?
#394980 Rating: 7 17 Apr 2013
This did not deserve a 5, but those of you up-voting with 9's and 10's are being rather reactionary.
#394927 Rating: 9 17 Apr 2013
Screw the highlights here, this is Realistick
#394899 Rating: 9 16 Apr 2013
The obvious troll is obvious. The beautifully miniature is beautiful.
#394849 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2013
I also don't understand the low scoring guy. I would have to say that all the individual points made are wrong. The digital camo effect is brilliant ( have a look at WW! dazzle camo on Google) The highlights and shading are just great, the metal barrels, pivots etc are excellently done with subtle and natural highlights and shading. The weathering is good. The level of detail and ornamentation are perfect for a feel that says "this is a real war machine - not some over the top toy" I also think the OSL red glows are pretty good for a feel of being in daylight but still having an effect. I d have to agree with winterdyne that the plain whit background in the photos is offputting and on a non-painting not that the McKree is right - ammo feed to the mini-gun, while well painted , is weirdly convoluted. Overall I have to say this is an original and brilliantly executed paint job of a detailed and different model. Well done!
#394847 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2013
Looks just great! Really like the aesthetic of the thing.
#394837 Rating: 8 15 Apr 2013
What I thought I'd do is bitch and moan about something I know nothing about.A 5? Really? Anyway, this is a really nice paint job, I have no idea how king the camp took, but it really fits the mini. Maybe a different colour background would help it pop more, but you can see the quality of the paint. Excellent work KK.
#394807 Rating: 9 15 Apr 2013
The OSL seems a little washed out, and the base is a little overdone with the white pigment, I think. White background isn't doing any great favours either. Still a damn fine job though matey. Ignore obvious idiot being an idiot. Obviously.
#394789 Rating: 5 15 Apr 2013
Not sure why people are giving this 9s and 10s. There is nothing special done here. Its a huge figure so grats for painting it here is extra points? Nah, that's not supposed to be how this works. First off the camo is too big, highlights across the entire thing are about non existent and all the metal is solid single tone. The battle damage and "dirt" are done very simply. The basing is pretty amateurish and there are tons of little details all over the model that could have been picked out. Also, tons of huge open space to do some special graphics such as a name or unit designation. A lot of missed opportunities on this model. Honestly the paint job looks extremely ruched and was probably done in one, maybe 2 sessions.






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