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Orc WarLord
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JJBeaudoin


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Orc WarLord

Orc WarLord

Voici mon Orc WarLord... J'espère que vous aimerez autant que moi
Vos commentaires sont les bienvenue!

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#168284 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2006
i think the whole thing looks awsome, but please tell me, just so i cvan understand, what is going on with the axe handle; the colours dont make any sense to me. Please help me to understand.
#101917 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2004
I asked my orc friend and he said they do indeed wear chrome. Great job!
#74685 20 Feb 2004
Thank you all for the great comments! Merci à tous pour vos super commentaires!
#65203 Rating: 7 16 Dec 2003
très jolie reflets, mais à part sur les lunettes de sport d'hiver spéciales savais pas que les Orcs passaient autant de temps à polir leurs tu pouvais oublier un peu la SEMMNDN ou je sais pas trop quoi ça pourrais être plus crédible...sans rancunes hein...
#56974 Rating: 9 12 Oct 2003
Je veux savoir comment c'est peint. C'est vraiment impressionnant (peut être pas très orque, mais tellement beau!!)
#56695 Rating: 9 9 Oct 2003
Beautiful work with the chrome. The only problem is, would Orcs wear chrome?
#56639 Rating: 9 9 Oct 2003
awesome paintjob but to me it seems that the axe nmm is a little wrong anyway a great mini
#56382 Rating: 10 7 Oct 2003
What a great job JJ, I saw this mini in real, and it is a damn beautiful model... i love the skin on him, this is also the most beautiful orc made by GW so you did a great job on it!
#56240 Rating: 10 6 Oct 2003
Superb The skin it's wonderfull and the armour it's amazing. OLE!!!!!






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