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Dragon Knight
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Category: Fantasy

by Karol Rudyk

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Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight

This is my latest work. Please do not vote for sculpt because this is no my and in My opinion is disproportionate.I only painted it.I hope you like it. Time paint somethink about 200h.This is 55mm scale. Second pictre you can see here:

More and better photos you can see on my facebook site:

There you can find a lot of tutorials and mini progres.
I accept commissions if you are interest let me know on or coolmini message.

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Viewer comments:
#422344 Rating: 10 24 Jun 2014
Que trabajo espectacular. Los freehands son excelentes
#412872 Rating: 10 12 Feb 2014
OMG! That is outstanding work!
#409497 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2013
Every so often a painted mini comes along that makes you realise you've been giving tens *WAY* too easily so far. This is stunning work, the eyes is drawn directly to where it should be with no distractions - to the amazing artwork.
#405409 Rating: 10 9 Oct 2013
wow someone in good conscience gave this an 8. must be Rembrandt annoyed that Karol is not painting to the style of the old masters on a 55mm canvas. this is a truely exceptional piece, i just dont have the skill, and fear i never will have the artistic style to match a work like this one.
#402403 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2013
Yeah, the freehand on the barding is too perfect. And dragons couldn't fly because...blah blah blah. It's about the painting, not a historical simulation of what a medieval seamstress could create. Good Gods..the paintwork is f*in awesome. Enough said.
#399649 27 Jun 2013
Thanks for all comments. This freehands are too small for airbrush.
#399505 Rating: 10 25 Jun 2013
This is one of the very great minis on this site. It demonstrates a level of skill that only a handful of painters have. This is truly impressive and a master work. Not many miniatures can drop a jaw like this one and have so many interesting details. Very few minis have this kind of effort put into a single piece. Karol you are an artist that is at the top of the game and still rising.
#399286 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2013
Dat freehand
#399280 Rating: 8 21 Jun 2013
Beautiful freehand, though the rest is a little bland. I also have a hard time buying that a medieval seamstress could have woven that image into anything. I appreciate the talent, but these knights wouldn't have been working with a motorcycle gas tank and an airbrush.
#399267 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2013
I don't generally comment on minis but I feel I must; the paint job is absolutely amazing!! It goes to show that the paint job can change a mini totally. A totally well deserved 10!!






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