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Arianrod of the Obsidian Spear
Manufacturer: Brigade Models
Category: Fantasy

by SaxonAngel


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Arianrod of the Obsidian Spear

Arianrod of the Obsidian Spear

A different angle from the one in Harbinger magazine. Finished back in June 2003.

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Viewer comments:
#171357 Rating: 9 16 Mar 2006
Better than i could EVER hope to achieve....
#86962 Rating: 8 30 May 2004
I love this piece actually. The boots though...again brown, and with all that color on her headdress. The NNM is good, but then to do nnm right means it always looks good, but really, why not bronze. And also given that the spear is supposed to be obsidian, why not make is reflected black (currently it looks a bit grey). Admittedly I don't know how to accomplish that, maybe deepen the black, narrow the highlighting at the edges and pick up some source relfections in the middle of the blade? Finally her banner is plain to me. This is a weapon that defines the wielder...
#71535 Rating: 10 28 Jan 2004
Incredible NMM. Nice gems and the flesh work is excellent also.
#56991 Rating: 9 12 Oct 2003
Every time I start to feel good about my recent models again... you just can't let me have anything can you Angela? The NMM looks great on this fig, even the chainmail matches the armor and that's quite a rare and impressive sight with these schemes.
#56975 Rating: 9 12 Oct 2003
very impressive. What color(s) did you use for the skin?
#56908 Rating: 10 11 Oct 2003
After seeing this figure in real life I HAD to go and buy a bunch of I-Kores female figures. This one included, I only hope when I get to painting my figure I can approach the skill you displayed in painting and coverting this one. I like your converted version of this figure better then the orginal.






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