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Eldar Alaitoc Wraithblades / Wraithguard
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Munigrot


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Eldar Alaitoc Wraithblades / Wraithguard

Eldar Alaitoc Wraithblades / Wraithguard

This is my first try in painting Eldar. I did them as a commission work for a friend of mine. They are completely magnetized with exactly 100 neodym magnets, every weapon fits on every body. Also my first try in doing white marble effect. I wish i had put more effort in the blue but i think it`ll do the job. Also i excuse for the resolution, i realized my camera was in low res mode after taking the pics. Hope you enjoy them anyway.

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#409515 Rating: 9 10 Dec 2013
Not a fan of alot on the heads, but yours are fantastic. I may have to try something like this. Thanks for the wonderful job!
#401830 10 Aug 2013
Thanks man, marble was pretty easy though. I used Citadel colours but sure could used other. 1. Basecoated with "Graveyard Earth" 2. Layer: Screaming Skull (don`t has to be too clean) 3. painting several slightly thinned down Layers of Skull White, leaving some of the darker spots shining through. 4. (tricky part) painting edgy lines with thinned down black slightly broader than the inner lines, sometimes painted them round the darker spots, some are crossing 5. painting thinner lines with black into the grey lines, but not in every line, concentrating on crossings 6. painting the spaces again with thinned down white 7. Gloss Varnish

#401801 Rating: 8 9 Aug 2013
Pics are fine and the marble effect is boss. Nice work! Now tell us how you did the marble...






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