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Forged by Chaos
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by philip

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Forged by Chaos

Forged by Chaos

This is my entry for Golden Demon Germany 2013 and my first full freehand. It won silver in WHFB Large Model.

More pictures here:

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#402927 Rating: 10 27 Aug 2013
#402818 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2013
Fantastic free hand! Also the scratches and wear on the metal are great.
#402775 Rating: 10 25 Aug 2013
Besides the obvious, very interesting "black".
#402735 Rating: 8 25 Aug 2013
What an atmosphere ! Need more pics!
#402725 Rating: 9 25 Aug 2013
Absolutely stunning! I'm glad you entered this in Germany though. In the US, the judges don't like the color contrast, hyper-realistic shading methods. I know, because I've produced pieces like this (not quite that amazing, admittedly), and the judges always critique it hard.
#402688 Rating: 6 24 Aug 2013
the only bad thing is the metallics on the juggernaut
#402673 24 Aug 2013
Thanks everyone! I am really happy my mini so much liked. @bobilero because I failed at the photo. The axe is not chained to the ground. Check out the other photos at
#402672 Rating: 10 24 Aug 2013
I registered just so I could comment on this. First...This only won silver?? We have all seen some amazing paint jobs, but this is absolutely amazing. I wish I had 1/4 the talent you had. I can do a decent above tabletop paintjob on my good days. I am blown away by your work. Is there a blog or something where I could see more? Also, I have to see the mini that took first over this, any links to that?
#402666 Rating: 10 24 Aug 2013
frazetta would be proud of that banner, mini rocks too
#402656 Rating: 9 24 Aug 2013
Benner is incredible!! But ...why the axe is chained to the floorstone?? He will not move ?






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