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by MamaGeek


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This diorama was inspired by -Ai Wei Wei, Never Sorry-. It is meant to support human rights in China.

Figures are Reaper (policemen heavily converted).

Meaning of the symbols:

Three Children:
Violation of China's one-child policy

Door Number:
9413: (gau2 sei2 yat1 saang1 in Cantonese) – nine die to one live, meaning 90% chance of being dead and only 10% chance of being alive, or survived from such situations (a narrow escape).

Wall Art:
Literally: the Changjiang River waves behind drive the waves ahead.
Meaning: Each new generation excels the last one.

River Crab – internet slang for censorship
Text – “Inharmonious”

Book Cover:
Falun Dafa emblem – symbol of the banned Chinese religion Falun Gong

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Viewer comments:
#403847 Rating: 10 10 Sep 2013
Art is when I have to hold my breath. This is art. Thank you...
#403699 Rating: 9 8 Sep 2013
Joy, I agree, this diorama transcends the typical painted miniatures on this forum. It looked great in person at NOVA Open - congratulations on the silver, BTW! I look forward to seeing more from you. -- Jack
#403621 Rating: 8 6 Sep 2013
Really great atmosphere and "story".
#403134 Rating: 8 30 Aug 2013
This turned out really well. The diorama tells a very compelling story.

#403096 Rating: 9 29 Aug 2013
Nice work, critique and use of our medium to relay a bigger message.
#403063 Rating: 8 29 Aug 2013
Even without the description, the political ramifications are obvious, but I think it is all those little hidden details that show how well thought out it is. I also like how the on light source effects are not over the top affairs and make the whole diorama that much more realistic. Kudos to ya, MamaGeek!
#403056 Rating: 9 29 Aug 2013
Thank you! Looking at great miniatures for many years sometimes makes us too used to "just another great paintjob". Presentations like this one hold enough rarer material to transport something besides skill.
#403045 29 Aug 2013
Thanks for the kind words! If you're interested, there's a WIP in my blog, showing the conversions, diorama construction, etc.
#403035 Rating: 9 29 Aug 2013
By and large I try to vote on purely aesthetic principles, but in this case I will make an exception. Art, in any medium, can tell a story or contain a message, a point. Most pieces we see in our hobby don't really have a lot to say other than "grrrr!" so this aspect of art is often ignored or played down. This piece, however, as well as being nicely painted in its own right, is well researched (many nice details) and also makes a moral point without jamming it down the viewer's throat. I hope to see more pieces like this in future Well done to you sir or madam for helping push things forward
#403033 Rating: 8 29 Aug 2013
I agree, great story behind this.






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