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Manufacturer: Fenryll
Category: Fantasy

by fuzzicato

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Viewer comments:
#202087 Rating: 9 5 Nov 2006
Nice mini. But.. Haha! I love that WTF?! look on his face.
#118715 Rating: 10 18 Jan 2005
your best one, the base is awesome
#113680 Rating: 10 9 Dec 2004
My favourite mini in your gallery... Very good colours, except the red on the knife and on the lower part of his cloth... The red is not useful, you should have use only a few colours, in order to get harmony... But as there is not too much red... That is not so important... The expression, the freehands are superbs, and the base is stunningly realistic... Congratulations!
#58267 Rating: 9 24 Oct 2003
Love the composit. Well done. In Italy there are good painters i see. Very nice fuzzi
#58236 Rating: 10 24 Oct 2003
Now THAT my friends is an elf! Stunning work! Both you and Gael. The freehand leaves are gorgeous. Hope you don't mind me immitating you in the near future ones I get my hands on him from Fenryll. A classic 2nd Ed. style elf. Just love it right down to the base!
#57885 Rating: 9 21 Oct 2003
Very nicely done. I love the base. It's just an amazing piece of art. Not even a mini, but art.
#57764 Rating: 10 20 Oct 2003
This is one of the most realistic looking miniatures I have ever seen. Excellent work.
#57735 Rating: 9 20 Oct 2003
BRAVO!! A fantastic piece of artwork here! Where to start...well the figure is a great paintjob on it's own. The overall colour scheme is very good...not too bright ..nice natural colours. It's really the extra detail you have applied that makes this extra special. The work on the robe cuffs and cloak alone is very very good...let alone the scroll and the blending on the face. Scrolls are hard to do....I should know...i've done a few myself! The armour is splendid...and works nicely with the highlighted dagger. Now the base....this really goes to finish off the whole thing! The rock is good ..but the plants are really what does it for have you done the grass at the back of the base? All in all....FANTASTIC!! A++ This is a 9.5 for me....why half a point off...well only that I dont go the same bundle on the staff... Still...this is very picky! BRAVO!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!
#57730 Rating: 10 20 Oct 2003
Very amazing!! But...I know this mini...oh yes, I have sculpt it for Fenryll with 2 others ) .
#57718 Rating: 10 20 Oct 2003
Beautiful and emotive, this is a very good piece of work. The natural base is superbly detailed, and the naturalistic freehand on the figure echoes this very well. Very impressive!






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