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Late at night in the kitchen
Manufacturer: Fenryll
Category: Fantasy


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Late at night in the kitchen

Late at night in the kitchen

"Last night I was waken up by strange noises coming from the kitchen, so I sneaked to the source of the mysterious gigglings. What I witnessed can't be described with words, so I took some pictures to prove I'm not that mad yet. I was able to catch the very instant when they panicked spotting me, fleeing in haste and leaving behind nothing but a white trail of sugar"

The inspiration for this funny project came from the anime "Arrietty" and the videogame "Zelda and the Minish cap".
This is a 1:1 scale diorama. Usually modelists glimp beyond the bare nature of things, finding for them an alternative role in the miniature world. In this way, a toothpick becomes a pole, birch seeds are leaves and cork bits make great rocks. In this case however, everything is just what it's supposed to be, in its 1:1 dimension: ivy leaves, matches, buttons and even a poor insect I found dead last summer.
Due to the difficulties in taking good pictures of the final diorama, I included closeups taken during the works in progress. I painted a lot of details that now can't be seen anymore, so you have a chance to observe 'em anyway (Note that these are wips, so most received some restyling before going into place).
Please feel free to comment, I'm particularly interested in some feedback about the composition and the its comunicative aspect. Thank you

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Viewer comments:
#420126 Rating: 9 22 May 2014
Very very inspiring!!!!!awesome!!!!!!!
#420066 Rating: 6 22 May 2014
Amazing !!

#409182 Rating: 9 4 Dec 2013
That is a spin on "The borrowers"!!!
#409101 Rating: 10 3 Dec 2013
#409015 Rating: 10 2 Dec 2013
That is frakking awesome!
#408879 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2013
Genius...Sometimes your confronted by a piece which just stops you in your tracks and think WOW.
#408876 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2013
i can`t find the 11 for rating....
#408874 30 Nov 2013
Thank you very much for your kind comments and appreciation on this work! Miniatures are from Fennryll ( The beetle was painted holdin it by its horns, then painting the horns once it was joined to the chariot. I used a 10X magnifier in order to paint the tiniest details. The tartan skirt measures 3X6 mm and it contains 450 squares (18X25 lines). I don't think it can be done without a magnifier. Thanks again Tiziano
#408848 Rating: 10 29 Nov 2013
Great job...what imagination.
#408841 Rating: 10 29 Nov 2013
The word wonderful doesn't begin to cover it - I love this.






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