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Kingdom Death - Flower Knight close ups
Manufacturer: Kingdom Death
Category: Fantasy

by Tommie Soule

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Kingdom Death - Flower Knight close ups

Kingdom Death - Flower Knight close ups

This is one of my favorite miniatures ever made and I really tried to pull out the stops on it (I could have done more but I chose not to for the sake of my tastes)
I really enjoy painting NMM as well as appreciating other NMM works and one thing has always eluded me.......painting convincing steels.
This is where i really considered HOW to do NMM steels/irons/silvers etc because this model NEEDED it!
In contrast to my usual style and strong presence of the flower knight i went for very rough/rustic/real/rusty effects on the base.
Trying to show the dirty dead pollutions of industry being given new life by lush and lively warrior
I hope you guys like him as much as I enjoyed painting him

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Viewer comments:
#424727 Rating: 10 1 Aug 2014
Very nice job !!!
#422104 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2014
#419745 Rating: 10 17 May 2014
Amazing job. Really looking forward to receiving mine when the KS rewards ship.
#419359 Rating: 10 11 May 2014
Just jaw-dropping
#419172 Rating: 10 9 May 2014
Incredible !!!
#418377 Rating: 10 1 May 2014
#415970 Rating: 10 12 Apr 2014
Wow...Seriously no words can describe this, hats off...amazeballs!
#415705 Rating: 10 7 Apr 2014
I voted 10 though it's more like 9.5 for me just because of the freehand on the robe on his back. Everything is great on this model, I just don't like (or less) the freehand part because not only it's difficult to see what it represents (but that could come from the photography) but also I think the colours are a mismatch with the rest of the model. Nonetheless it's still a great piece of art and I'm not criticizing your skills, just the drawing. Anyway, like I said before, everything else is gorgeous, from the NMM (be it gold, silver or that purple tinted sword handle) to the red clothing, the small butterfly, the blue goggles, and the base. Are you planning on doing other KD miniatures?
#414861 Rating: 10 24 Mar 2014
great work on this Tommy, I will come and do one of your courses one day
#414600 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2014
It's so beautiful, it makes me weep...! :_)






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