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Chaos Helbrute
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Kornel.K

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Chaos Helbrute

Chaos Helbrute

UK Golden Demon 2013 - Bronze in the Open Category

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#439839 Rating: 10 10 Jul 2015
#436432 Rating: 10 8 Apr 2015
Wooo ;O
#424686 Rating: 9 31 Jul 2014
Great work, I really enjoying looking at this model!
#415295 Rating: 10 31 Mar 2014
#415067 27 Mar 2014
Thank you for all your comments, I am glad you like it Cheers!
#414971 Rating: 10 26 Mar 2014
Perfect, absolutely stunning

#414914 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2014
Du Grand Art , superbe ...
#414876 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2014
Hate the sculpt but the paintjob is MILES above anything else ive seen on the same mini.
#414626 Rating: 10 20 Mar 2014
Fantastic work. Really smooth painting.
#414593 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2014
Had to leave another comment and reiterate how unbelievable this model has been painted! Well folks he's always been my favorite eavy metal painter and I'm telling all you folks this man can paint a model. Every time he's had an entry he wins a statuette in the most competitive high standards painting competition and in the god awesome grandfather location at UK golden demon awards. In other words if he sets out to say to himself " I'm going to create a project that I will enter in the UK GOKDEN DEMON AWARDS,he's going to win statue. And I've heard from robin dews and the perry twins on two diff occasions that the silver and bronze winners are the hardest to judge to say who goes where. You see they explained to me once the gold is placed ,and still no easy task cause it's judged along side two other models that are equally favored,but the bronze is simply so close to the silver it like placing two silver models together and one of them s SIMOLY calked bronze. IOW BRONZE IS AS CLISE TO SILVER WHICH IS AS CLOSE TO GOLD PERIOD. Be on the lookout because I'm telling you all this man K.K. Has a clear potential f hoisting the slayer sword each time he puts his mind and technical brush skill to work when and determines what his entrants will be. Just remember I called it first.






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