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Dark Vengeance. Chaos
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by We7

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Dark Vengeance. Chaos

Dark Vengeance. Chaos

You can find little Chaos Chosen Guide in FPM issue 11

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Viewer comments:
#435665 Rating: 10 24 Mar 2015
#423298 Rating: 10 7 Jul 2014
#415508 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2014
This is pure art. but not everybody has the time or the skills to paint like this(bloodasmedium)And it still has to be a hobby for everyone!!!!! But these are just awesome 10
#415413 Rating: 10 2 Apr 2014
Any one of these models would score highly on this site - nicely done.

#414960 26 Mar 2014
Thanks, folks! I appreciate!
#414940 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2014
Mr we 7 I keep coming back to this to plain ol admire the visual awesomeness and onslaught if the subtle warm tones and how they appease the eye to the viewer! There many good painters on the site. Some of my favorites have work from loler, itshammertime, kornel Kozak ,sprocket(David so per) and IDE have to say these are my favorite painters in no particular artist order but I really for quite some time have been loving and admiring your work so long, that your now in with the company I mentioned you see my top 6 favorite painters in the world . And any one of you could be my favorite on any given Sunday ! Your work here is so pro talented and highest of the skill level. I knew there was something striking about your kranon and other chaos SM models from DV boxed set . But I didn't know what you were visualizing when you asked for feed back way back when when you were deciding that the feedback you we're asking about that new red grey nmm color scheme (if you should go or not continue ) well I thought it was great but even then didn't realize or forsee how a whole army with this scheme was going to look at. But you did and here they are today and their nothing shirt of absolutely stunning . This is top of the top work mate! These are how models are supposed to be painted but very very few have this kinda skillet to pull it off and bring them into life! Well done painting
#414909 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2014
Extremely high skill set and profound talent for painting miniature models!
#414892 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2014
The best Chaos army I've ever seen (with Bruno Rizzo's). Great job mate!
#414889 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2014
Phenomenal. Nothing short of amazing
#414887 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2014
OMG... stunning, just stunning!!






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