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Bill Psyches - Twisted
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by automaton

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Bill Psyches - Twisted

Bill Psyches - Twisted

I made this painted vignette of Bill Psyches for the Crystal Brush 2014 competition. Bill Psyches is a new miniature I sculpted for my upcoming steampunk game called 'Twisted', by Demented Games.

Check out the Twisted Facebook page:

And the website:

I had a lot of fun making a little scene trying to evoke some elements from the fiction pieces we've written. As you can see, Bill is standing outside the Grey Goose inn, angry after seeing his 'wanted' poster as evidenced by his scowling expression and the mug of ale he's cast down at his feet. Meanwhile, down below street level in the sewers, Feygin has broken through a grate in the wall and is beckoning for the rest of the gang to follow him inside.

The colour palette is an accented analogic scheme consisting of blue-green, true green and yellow-green versus red as a contrast - all the colours of the piece, including the base, revolve around that basic colour scheme as a way to unify the piece and make everything hang together.

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Viewer comments:
#419751 Rating: 10 17 May 2014
Perfect painting, fantastic job on the moss.
#418843 Rating: 6 6 May 2014
Lavoro Fantastico Impressionante sembra vera Fantastic Painting Very Impression
#418273 Rating: 10 30 Apr 2014
Perfect painting, incredible atmosphear. A master piece!!!
#417697 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2014
Fantastic as always, but where's bulls eye his dog?
#417683 26 Apr 2014
THanks again for such nice words, guys! You are too good to me It's a real honour to hear that you like the miniature, and find something interesting about it. Bane: the minis will be available first as part of our upcoming 'Twisted' Kickstarter - check out our facebook page for updates about the release:
#417660 Rating: 10 26 Apr 2014
A pleasure to see...
#417652 Rating: 10 26 Apr 2014
I love everting in this work! But I'm especially under great impression of this brick wall, it looks so realistic, I couldn't do something like this
#417574 Rating: 10 25 Apr 2014
Absolutely stunning Seb! Any clue about commercial availability of the miniatures?
#417571 Rating: 10 25 Apr 2014
Amazing work Sebastian as usual. I'm really looking forward this new brand
#417401 Rating: 10 24 Apr 2014
I saw the figure in hand in the Adepticon and these pictures and the official pictures don´t justice the awesome piece of sculpture/painting/scenography. For me a top three without a doubt. Good luck with "twisted" Sebastian.






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