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The Goblin King
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The Goblin King

The Goblin King

I liked the disgusting features from the Goblin King of the first Hobbit movie, and I am still impressed of the works of the digital artists behind it (a nice making of video is online available).

I didn't want to use the Goblin King from GW's Hobbit starter box for a model which is then never playable and so I found out that there was a version from Heroclix. This is not a range for painters or war gamers at all and has very few details. In fact, the Goblin King out of the box looked like it was dipped into thick wall paint (it probably was). Also it had almost to zero pimples on the body, a thick rubber crone and rubber loincloth.

So I had to create every detail: a new staff with fringes and shrunken heads (I only used the skull of the animal of the original staff), a finer crone, a thin loincloth. I made the pimples for the model of my own and added the hair of course. Also I had to add and refine some details like the eyelids or the nose. For the base I used some slate to recreate the environment of the Goblin cave.

By recreating and painting of the king I used visual material of the digital character a lot, so the pimples, veins and the rash are on the same spots like in the feature film. The last I did was to glaze the model with gloss and matt varnish to create the sweaty and wet pimply look of the Goblin King. There is just very subtle light and shadow work on this model. This is done deliberately, because I wanted to create the wet structure of the Goblin Kings skin with his pimples and age spots rather than light effects.
The figure is approximately 7 centimeters high.

I accept commissions.
If you are interested in my works feel free to contact me:



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Viewer comments:
#444736 Rating: 10 11 Dec 2015
Giving this a 10 because of all the obvious work you put into it. I thought I was looking at a production model. Too bad you didn't cast it...Off to buy one for myself...Great Job!
#419448 12 May 2014
Thanks a lot for the nice feedback.
#419167 Rating: 10 9 May 2014
Very nice work!
#418972 Rating: 10 7 May 2014
Stunning work, makes me want to reach out with my grabby hands and steal it! The texture created in your painting is simply sublime.
#418971 Rating: 10 7 May 2014
Stunning work, so detailed in the paintwork that it makes me want to snatch my grabby hands and steal it!
#418870 Rating: 10 6 May 2014
I saw the original modell... so- wow, what a f... great work!
#418823 Rating: 10 5 May 2014
Look I came across the goblin king out of the heroclux box and late me say what you did here is expert level skillset application=unbelievable I don't think peopke know exactly 1) the prep work for preparing the model and the transformation you've bestowed upon the model to achieve the beautiful end result. Staggering finished model mastery! YOU'VE OUTDONE MANY ON THIS SITE.
#418797 Rating: 10 5 May 2014
Wonderful work!
#418794 Rating: 9 5 May 2014
I dunno, this piece is pretty high contrast in value and color. Really the only thing low contrast is the saturation level which is to say it is quite desaturated which is probably part of what you like. For some reason, even though reality is often highly saturated, desaturated paintjobs on figures tend to lend a more real feel. It works particularly well on this piece.
#418785 Rating: 9 5 May 2014
Good Work mate






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