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Mage Nicodalf
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by CBA

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Mage Nicodalf

Mage Nicodalf

Hi guys,
This is my first entry for the French Games day 2001, WB category.
This mini passed the first selection.
Any feedback welcome, thanks a lot.

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#194317 Rating: 9 7 Sep 2006
Nice painting there, I think that he only negative thing is this Arrow... it is a bit silly, but you know, the Rest is SO cool...... I like it how the colors mix into another, nice and mythical, very good for a Wizard... 9 Points......
#180046 Rating: 9 28 May 2006
J aime beaucoup....les couleurs sont sympa!Un nouveau decor du socle remontrai la note!lol joliiiiiii
#100327 Rating: 9 2 Sep 2004
çà a l'air bien propre, et correctement contrasté, la piece est lisible. les ombres sont peut etre un peu trop forte entre les plis, et je ne distingue pas vraiment de pose de lumiere generale. la lumiere qui provient de la lave remonte trop haut selon moi (manche) et ne devrais pas eclairé ainsi la barbe (le dessus) pareil pour la robe et les plis du milieu. au niveau des textures, certaines parties notament les ombres semblent brillantes, c'est dommage, tu utilise des encres? les degradés sont encore un peu trop tranchés. j'aime bien la plume, il semble y avoir qq nuances de couleurs interressantes. bon boulot au final. allan

#76240 Rating: 9 3 Mar 2004
This is excellent. My only gripe is that the light you're using causes loads of reflections on the mini - this has got to be even better in real life. Anyways, robe, hat and the cloak are simply brilliant. Staff and the pouches are a bit lacking in comparison, otherwise I'd given you a full ten. The base would have been really nice to see as well.
#73517 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2004
Et ben ca c du joli dittes donc! tres tres belle figurine jadore tout et en particulier la cape! bravo.
#71346 Rating: 10 27 Jan 2004
the light effect is awesome...and the colur scheme is perfect..I love it

#60897 14 Nov 2003
thank you for sending me your comments hedge wizards. The arrow is just a glance to Gandalf when the fellowship is attack in the moria caves. I wanted to put my "convert" distinction!! Thanks a lot , i appreciate.
#60683 Rating: 9 12 Nov 2003
I LOVE THE STARS! and the color choice, the only thing i dont like at all is the arrow, it distracts from the awesomeness of this friggen wicked sweet mini!






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