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Efreet Venom M.O.T.D
Manufacturer: Other
Category: SF

by mark of the dead

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Efreet Venom M.O.T.D

Efreet Venom M.O.T.D

GBWC 2014 Australia Winner
Gundam model converted from 5 different kits with scratch building. Sword took 30 hours to paint and all up 400-500 hours to complete.
I wanted to introduce miniature painting to very large models, this standing over 30cm tall, and with large flat surfaces. I wanted to show strong light change the same as we all paint 38mm minis, and spent a large amount of time masking to be able to paint the strong contrasting colours. I also played with light fall, so the feet are darker with less green than the shoulders. To finish I painted with a high gloss hence some of the light reflection, this is just a style of the gundam scene. Painted with a mix of airbrush and paintbrush.
I know its not the norm to post Gundam/Mecha but I hope you enjoy just the same.

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Viewer comments:
#435292 Rating: 10 16 Mar 2015
Uber spiffy!! And this place seriously needs more mecha
#435283 Rating: 10 16 Mar 2015
shit i can not edit the previous rating
#435282 Rating: 6 16 Mar 2015
Absolutely unbeliveable
#435241 Rating: 10 15 Mar 2015
#427951 5 Oct 2014
Thanks for all the comments, I will be taking this guy to Japan in late Dec to compete in the World Gundam Champs. Hopefully the judges will like what I have done as much as you all have. Thank you to all that have voted. Mark.
#427912 Rating: 10 4 Oct 2014
Totally unbelievable
#427559 Rating: 10 27 Sep 2014
Thank you for explaining how you did this. It looks incredible and it's nice to see more variety on CMON. Well done!
#427552 Rating: 10 27 Sep 2014
Awesome work
#427529 Rating: 10 26 Sep 2014
Massacre !
#427433 Rating: 10 25 Sep 2014
Holy Frigging Stuff! This is just Jaw dropping. Truly a Masterpiece!






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