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Nurgle Terminator Conversion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Trevor

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Nurgle Terminator Conversion

Nurgle Terminator Conversion

Different view of my Nurgle Terminator converted from a Grey Knight.

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#281518 Rating: 8 19 Jan 2009
woops i didn't mean to leave a 6... i voted a 10 to even it out.
#281516 Rating: 6 19 Jan 2009
Interesting... a "Green Knight" as it were. I might steal your idea! Don't worry after I get done with it it won't look anything like yours.
#241932 Rating: 9 19 Nov 2007
Great conversion and colour scheme, love the little critter on the base.
#171478 Rating: 8 17 Mar 2006
my only criticism is the yellow base, nice mini!
#170692 Rating: 8 10 Mar 2006
war griffon is crazy! that metallic blade is excellent! probably my favorite part of the whole mini.
#128283 Rating: 10 31 Mar 2005
Very sweet conversion. Looks like a GK finally gave into the temptation of Chaos. XD
#67225 Rating: 8 1 Jan 2004
Nicce work, I would say that the only thing that spoils this is the metalic blade of the weapon in his right hand, it lets the whole thing down a notch or two.
#63137 Rating: 9 1 Dec 2003
Good Gravy, that is one nice looking miniature!! Give yourself a round of applause!!
#61558 19 Nov 2003
Thanks for the comments A whole squad? Probably not, I'm too flighty, can't stick at one thing for too long.
#61250 Rating: 9 17 Nov 2003
I like this idea of using a GK for conversions a lot! Great work! I'm going to have to try my hands at a Nurgle terminator one day...






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