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Feral Ork
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by victoria

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Feral Ork

Feral Ork

Got a bit bored of plastic boars so decided to make my own riding beast for orcs. I sculpted the beast and the orc's legs from sculpey, then a mate cast it in resin. I hope to use some in for my fantasy orks too.

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#333799 Rating: 9 3 Nov 2010
This is fantastic, especially the riding beast and the folds of skin and the way they have been [ainted adds a lot of visual impact. The rabbit is a great finishing touch
#257009 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2008
sorry bout that, forgot to change the rating, lol
#257008 Rating: 6 27 Apr 2008
Seriously? that is far too cool, this is why youre one of my fave mini sculptors and painters
#247628 Rating: 9 17 Jan 2008
Dat's a biiiig squig... Also the Bosspole is absolutely hilarious! Tells you pretty much what was going through his mind when he found it, huh? "Eh? Worrzdis? ooo Dat'll make a good Bosspole mefinks!" :p I love it!! Fantastic sculpt and amazing paintjob!
#156611 Rating: 10 17 Nov 2005
thats awesome! everythign about it! its such an orky beast to begin with (no pansy horses or anything ) amazingly painted and a proper job drool effect to boot gimme gimme gimme!!!
#143075 Rating: 10 3 Aug 2005
Wow. I want one, painted by you though
#139612 Rating: 10 5 Jul 2005
That is beatiful. Are you going to be selling copys of the beast? You're peice has such a real feeling to it. It's spectacular.
#134951 Rating: 10 31 May 2005
Hehe thats cool. And real orky, 'cos he can only turn left with his beast.
#116402 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2005
I think you have done a great piece here - it looks fantastic! The painting is fantastic and I love the conversion itself. Truly beautiful model. 12
#107671 Rating: 10 26 Oct 2004
Amazing in fact, the squiggoth is splendid also ! In the paintjob, what i feel best executed is the posture of the feral ork on the beast...not easy to make realistic !






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