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Troll Matron
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Alexi Z

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Troll Matron

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#119801 Rating: 10 26 Jan 2005
My girlfriend and I have buied this miniature... we love it, that's fantastic!!! Excellent Job, mini and base! Congratulation..!!!
#93221 Rating: 9 11 Jul 2004
The overall Colour looks pretty good, i love the Waterbase.
#83904 Rating: 10 6 May 2004
The color choice and the slime effect are great. Beautifull job. 10
#83785 Rating: 10 5 May 2004
Awsome work. I think I'd have to disagree with Darkstar as well on the "sloppy"... The color choice is wonderful, the blends/layering is executed flawlessly. The contrast and definition are there. The base is great....the vignette displays an "irony". Love it..absolutely.
#62161 Rating: 9 23 Nov 2003
Can't say that I agree with DarkStar here...but I know what he means! This is a GREAT paintjob. Excellent detail, good colour selection overall, and a few very nice little extra touches (lips, toungue, nose of little guy riding along on her shoulders, and her claws. More sloppy...NO..after all ...this is a FEMALE ! I like the base...good effect with the swamp like murk...but I think what DarkStar means is that the addition of the pristine white lily makes it unclear whether this is meant to be a swamp ...or somebody's backyeard pond! I think a nice little rat or something nasty in the murk would have been a lot better. The point deduction is for the lily and the static grass around the base itself..just out of keeping with the rest of the feel. OVERALL ---- FANTASTIC !! Thanks for sharing it with all of us
#61733 Rating: 7 19 Nov 2003
Okay, this might be the only time I ever say this, but I would've given a higher score if the paintjob was more....sloppy. You take this kind of subject matter and paint it so delicately, with water lilies and all, it's almost like the decapitated head hanging from her back is enjoying the ride for Crom's sake! More blood less lovey dovey and I would've given an 8. Beautiful painting work by the way, gorgeous base.
#61691 Rating: 10 19 Nov 2003
Awesome... Classic Trolly colors too! Very good work - Glyn
#61689 Rating: 10 19 Nov 2003
OK, when I saw "Troll Matron" in the title, I thought, yuck! But somehow, you have made this mini look beautiful! I dont know how you do it, but it scares me. I may need to go see a shrink now.
#61647 Rating: 9 19 Nov 2003
I like very much the choice of colors and the skin. The base is really original and realistic...9
#61645 Rating: 8 19 Nov 2003
Very nice...I love what you have done with that base, very original.






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