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Vurgoyle, Mage Knight
Manufacturer: WizKids
Category: Fantasy

by Jeneki

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Vurgoyle, Mage Knight

Vurgoyle, Mage Knight

This one was totally experimental, on an "expendable" Mage Knight figure ^_^. I was trying out a hot and cold color scheme, and some alternate light source techniques. As with any experimental piece, comments welcome and encouraged.

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#65971 Rating: 8 22 Dec 2003
Woah! The glowing hammer is awesome! It works extremely well with the dark metal of the gargoyle. Maybe you could post a few thoughts on how you did it in the forums? This would be great. Have a nice day, Tobi
#62737 Rating: 10 27 Nov 2003
I'm giving it a 10 because the lighting effects painted on the front of the mini fooled me. Great illusion on that alone.
#62400 24 Nov 2003
Thanks for the comments everyone! (finally! got some comments! Woohoo!) Yes, the hammer really is painted ripperdoc, otherwise there's be reflections coming off the base and background, etc.
#62300 Rating: 8 24 Nov 2003
I think it works. Although the hammer looks a little too pink to be serious - was that on purpose ?
#62093 Rating: 8 22 Nov 2003
I'd say the experiment was successful! Very nice job, especially on an 'expendable' mini. Cool effect.
#62084 Rating: 8 22 Nov 2003
The light reflection on the model skin is so realistic that I first thought there was a real source of light. very good experimentation!
#62066 Rating: 8 22 Nov 2003
Wow. You made a Mage Knight figure look good! Good job on the lighting. The only thing about it to me seems that with the hammer so bright, there should be more reflected light--the hammerhead really stands out and looks really hot.
#62061 Rating: 8 21 Nov 2003
Ok if the head of that hammer is actually painted that way (which it probably is) and not lit by a light somehow...thats a sweet job! it looks like its radiating heat from a blast furnace. Great lighting on the figure too.
#62060 Rating: 8 21 Nov 2003
The picture isn't the best, but the hammer head is awesome, really looks like its glowing, and the directional lighting is spot on.






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