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Horus the Warmaster
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Lan Studio

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Horus the Warmaster

Horus the Warmaster


One of my recent works.
I hope you like it.

If you are interested in commission please write to: pisarski.michal(at)


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Viewer comments:
#435688 Rating: 10 24 Mar 2015
amazing work, totally blown away by the black armor and the reds in the cloak are eye watering
#434101 Rating: 8 20 Feb 2015
Looks Great!
#434054 Rating: 10 20 Feb 2015
I love this piece. The contrast you achieved between the armor and the cloak is amazing, and I am blown away by the depth of reds that you painted here. I wish I could even begin to approach painting reds and blacks like that.
#433889 Rating: 8 17 Feb 2015
Hi there, out of respect for you I'm going to explain my low vote here (8). You are a superb technical artist and your textures are brilliant! But, for me a 9 or 10 has to stir emotion in me, remind me of a scene, or inspire me in a visceral and not simply a technical way. Please don't be offended, I just wanted to be fair to you, your art will not always connect with people. The voting system here means you get every persons feedback from their experience of your work, and in view of that your score is amazing! This is a public forum and people have a right to vote for whatever reason using a score of their choice. I've chosen to justify my vote to you in the hope that you might feel better about your scores, this piece is technically brilliant, but leaves me (personally) a bit cold...
#433063 Rating: 9 1 Feb 2015
That is some amazing work, I am not only inspired but jealous at the same time, well if that is even possible.
#432987 Rating: 10 30 Jan 2015
Stunning work, it's a pleasure to look at such beauty.
#432787 Rating: 10 26 Jan 2015
#432456 Rating: 10 20 Jan 2015
Damn that one is nice
#432409 Rating: 10 19 Jan 2015
Definite bit of vote sniping going on, on this one but I wouldn't let it get to you - it's unfortunately rife on this site once things get into "Top Last 7 Days". This is a definite 10 in my book though. Gorgeous work as always mate - love the texture difference between the different materials from the way you have painted them and that black is superb. Can't wait to see what you tackle next! Cheers, Dante
#432373 Rating: 10 18 Jan 2015
Best version i ever seen! The metals and the claw are just unbeliavable






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