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Widowmaker Kapitan
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Category: Steampunk

by fluffy

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Widowmaker Kapitan

Widowmaker Kapitan

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#205654 Rating: 10 5 Dec 2006
If I ever meet you, I'll be surprised that your face doesn't look like hers.
#114555 Rating: 10 16 Dec 2004
@ Dorjakt what they said ;> vn Fluffy
#99721 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2004
Oh, and don't assume fluffy is a 'he'.
#71707 Rating: 10 30 Jan 2004
To dorjakt, yes Fluffy is the painter for Warmachine. I dont really get why you have given him a 7. If you really suspects that he has copied the picture from Warmachine's web page then you should give him a 1 not a 7.
#62876 Rating: 10 28 Nov 2003
Umm... hee hee... oops. Did I give you a 1 and kind of accuse you of taking the pictures off the website when they where not yours? I'm sorry. I'll just kowtow and leave now.
#62517 Rating: 9 25 Nov 2003
A great overall feel to this piece. -------------------- Brrrrrrr! I can feel the cold from here!! I love the choice of palette, it works very well ... and I love the fading on the red robe! Great detail as usual ...and the basing really finishes the figure of nicely! Overall ----------SPLENDID STUFF!! BRAVO!
#62346 Rating: 9 24 Nov 2003
I love this figure, just cant wait to get my hands on one and try to do it justice. Great job.
#62327 Rating: 9 24 Nov 2003
I love this model
#62297 Rating: 9 24 Nov 2003
Ah, I was wondering whether *the* PPS_Fluffy (of Warmachine fame) was on CMON. Well, I love this mini as well as your paintjob (OMG the face !), like most everybody else. I'd have given a 10, but the metallics seemed a little dirty...
#62285 Rating: 9 24 Nov 2003
Holy Moly that's beautiful! Only improvements she needs are cleaner darklining around those bolts on her gun. Looks like it's done with a pigma pen and the circles aren't perfectly round. A few further highlights on the bolts themselves might help them out too. Kinda looks flat without it.






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