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Voice of the Prevailers
Manufacturer: Dark Age
Category: SF

by Demihuman


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Voice of the Prevailers

Competition: CMoN Contest 28 - Dark Age Games: A Dark New Year
Voice of the Prevailers

The mask was iron and reeked of metal, sweat, and the echo of the voices that resonated through it. She had been born with the gift, a psychogene. As she grew of age and fought countless battles across the poisoned wastes she honed the blade of her mind until it was sharp enough to kill, but there were other voices, the voices of the alien tech that lay smashed and oozing, strewn across the landscape. She had made the mask herself based on a helmet she was told had belonged to a ship's master. The ship's were gone now but they had carried the key to speaking to the machines...

This is my Dark Age contest entry. It was a really tough one because the mini I received was a little smooshed. I bought her on e-bay (dumb) and she would have been fine for table top but her face was too squished to really do it justice, ( I like painting faces) so I sculpted on the mask. I also added some watch gears onto her wand and made the base with all of it's alien tech friends. I wanted to show layers of vibrant alien machines growing over the old smashed technology of what was left behind. That is how I imagine the Dark Age world to look.

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Viewer comments:
#433181 4 Feb 2015
3rd place! You can't Robot Snipe The Robot Witch!
#433059 Rating: 9 1 Feb 2015
Love the composition and story of this piece, the paint job is well done but could have been slightly cleaner... The base is very neat with the machines and flying drones. Well done
#432844 27 Jan 2015
Stand up to those who would cast stones from the shadows! Vote for the Psychogene and let your mighty voice ring out!
#432843 27 Jan 2015
A vote for the Voice is a Vote for the New Truth!
#432719 26 Jan 2015
6.2! We're bouncing!
#432684 Rating: 9 25 Jan 2015
Great work. Great color and a unique vision.
#432678 Rating: 10 25 Jan 2015
Already mentioned several times that I really dig this.
#432631 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2015
Great job, your sculpting work looks great!
#432625 Rating: 9 24 Jan 2015
Base is sweet.
#432620 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2015
You know my thoughts...way to kelp it real, bro!!!!






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