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C`Tan Deceiver - Master of fire
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by lordNicon


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C`Tan Deceiver - Master of fire

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#433528 Rating: 8 10 Feb 2015
For sure much light years away from what I can paint... for sure it deserves a photo without photoshop.
#433515 Rating: 8 10 Feb 2015
Very nice. The conversation base is superb and has great movement to it. I would really like to see this mini on a standard neutral background, without any photoshop work. As well as some detail shots of the C'tan itself.
#433496 Rating: 7 9 Feb 2015
Yes, also like to see this without all the Photoshop effects. Would think it looks very different.
#433469 Rating: 9 9 Feb 2015
Interesting effect and well done. I wonder how it looks without local adjustments to the photo. Can you post another picture?
#433468 Rating: 8 9 Feb 2015
I would love to see this withaout so much Photosop
#433455 Rating: 10 9 Feb 2015
Thats amazing! Never seen something so realistic!!
#433440 Rating: 9 8 Feb 2015
Very cool paint job! I've tried to paint lava and it doesn't compare. I'd be interested in how you back lite the piece to get that effect.
#433360 Rating: 10 8 Feb 2015
Holy shit- WOW! I ike this so much
#433359 Rating: 10 8 Feb 2015
On fire!
#433132 Rating: 8 3 Feb 2015
The conversion is very nice and lot of trouble has gone to it, but I get a feeling this image has been retouched a bit. Paint doesn´t glow... which is what all the yellow parts in the photo do.






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