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Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Category: Steampunk

by fluffy

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Paladin of the Order of the Wall

Paladin of the Order of the Wall

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#68528 Rating: 10 8 Jan 2004
I understand what some wrote about the metals not standing out, but I have no problem with it. All that detail in the shield and fringes more than makes up for it. The sculpt is kind of strange in one respect, though. Doesn't it look like there's a little kid stnading in the armor, from the proportions of the face?
#63490 Rating: 10 4 Dec 2003
Great job. Love all the little texture/detailing.
#63345 Rating: 9 2 Dec 2003
(9.5) Very subtle with the whites and patterns, very awesome. What green(s) did you use on the cloak? They look amazing and give this mini a very distinctive style. I'm going to look through the rest of your work to see if you have any other whites done like this... it's something that I'd like to try. Great work, and happy painting!
#63279 Rating: 10 2 Dec 2003
Only voted a 9 originally because i missed some of the detailing, having had a second look all I can say is wow, the level of detail is incredable.
#62919 Rating: 9 29 Nov 2003
Beautiful color scheme and the detailing is fantastic.
#62676 Rating: 9 26 Nov 2003
wow, The only thing I can add to what has already been said is- " I love the green (or greenish) shading on the white, that color choice is just perfect." Everything else is outstanding too but I really like the green hues. Bravo!
#62514 Rating: 10 25 Nov 2003
It doesn't get much better than this on individual figure painting. Overall colour selection is First Class. The white and shading is wonderful..and that detailed work on the shield is outstanding! The cloak is a nice colour and the gold free-hand work really really splendid! The sword is good...with the gems as a nice little extra detail! The basing is good without being too fussy and sets off the figure nicely. Overall this is a great look, beautifully executed, great colour choice and fantastic detailing. OUTSTANDING!! BRAVO!!
#62513 Rating: 9 25 Nov 2003
I agree with Glyn, the metals really don't stand out at all, but the subtle work on the white and the amazing freehand more than make up for it. So many spirals...
#62465 Rating: 9 25 Nov 2003
Some of the metals seem a bit mundane in shading compared to the rest, but the whites are a definate eye-catcher! I like the shield immensely, and the detail work is stunning! - Glyn






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