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Skaven Grey Seer
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by BloodASmedium

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Skaven Grey Seer

Skaven Grey Seer

First time executing OSL of this magnitude, there are three different sources of wyrd stones which were tricky to have each of them just have enough OSL without tying in to each other.

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Viewer comments:
#436261 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
Just the right amount of osl...not over the top.
#436259 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
Fantastic love the orb he holds, you pulled it off buddy! You're getting better with every stroke.
#436256 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
My absolute favorite of all time bud.
#436254 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
I am BAM addict 10+ Love it bro!
#436232 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
I love this mini, but I especially love your version.
#436226 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
Great Look ,well done!
#436215 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
I bought this figure to see how mine comes out , learn a lot from this . Better than 8.8
#436210 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
This one with the glowing ball is sick.
#436208 Rating: 10 3 Apr 2015
Maybe a new background for your b day baby.
#436203 Rating: 8 3 Apr 2015
I saw you were exhibiting at Salute and thought I'd check out your CMON gallery to see what to expect. The painting on this is terrific. It's really only let down by the base rim being a bit uneven with some stray bits of gravel attached. A minor thing, but you'd be amazed the difference it makes to the overall impression a miniature has.






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