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Bannerman of the Ash Knight
Manufacturer: CoolMiniOrNot
Category: Fantasy

by Demihuman


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Bannerman of the Ash Knight

Competition: CMoN Contest 30 - Wrath of Kings
Bannerman of the Ash Knight

The war does not go well... Careful strategies have been tangled by debts of honor, deceit, and the capricious whims of fate. In the dark times at the end of their campaign the House of Nasier turns to a new leader. A new champion dons the war mask... the Ash Knight.

I have been wanting to paint a banner and this Ashman with a banner came along so I gave it a shot. My original idea was to paint a Pin-up Pelegarth, the chunky near-nude ladies that fight for this faction. I was looking for a good figure to copy and was looking at the Kingdom Death stuff when I noticed that the Ashman mask would fit right over the Twilight Knights face. So I put it up on the banner. I hope you like it!

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Viewer comments:
#439634 Rating: 10 4 Jul 2015
Great Banner ,awesome Base ,Goodluck in the comp
#439052 Rating: 10 19 Jun 2015
Dam good work buddy.
#439038 Rating: 10 19 Jun 2015
Pure awesome.
#438465 Rating: 10 31 May 2015
This is the winner!!!
#438140 Rating: 10 25 May 2015
very nice! good luck in the comp!
#438138 Rating: 10 24 May 2015
Beautiful work.
#438137 Rating: 10 24 May 2015
Great freehand banner, great mini, and great base....spectacular!
#438118 Rating: 10 24 May 2015
Free hand on the banner is ridiculous good
#438112 Rating: 10 24 May 2015
The work here just blends together effortlessly, which just shows how much damn effort has gone into it. Your work is just getting better and better my friend and i look forward to what other gems you are still to produce.
#438095 Rating: 10 24 May 2015
10 for the banner, 10 for the mini and 10 for the base!






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