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The Ancient King
Manufacturer: CoolMiniOrNot
Category: Fantasy

by DizzyAngelDemon


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The Ancient King

Competition: CMoN Contest 30 - Wrath of Kings
The Ancient King

This is my first Wrath of Kings mini and my first time entering a painting competition. Woo-Hoo!

Sadly I only had little over a day to work on him since he arrived to me a little late (setback of living an hour into the middle of nowhere) But I had so much fun painting him, I hope you like how my Ancient King turned out!!

Please leave me some feedback below, constructive criticism welcomed!


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Viewer comments:
#438327 Rating: 8 28 May 2015
Yeah that's pretty awesome for only a day! If they had of only allowed entries for 1 day I bet you would be in first place!
#438188 Rating: 10 25 May 2015
Love the Work and only in a few days you are real good
#438186 Rating: 7 25 May 2015
I'd voted twice because i think it deserves a 7.5 when i compare it with other entries in all CMoN galleries ( i didn't watch all obviosly but i check a few pages and the most oustanding examples ). BTW, i'd do acknowledge upfront that you are a way painter than myself, so this comments are from an observer perspective, not a pro-painter or anything remotedly similar. If you feel they don't make much sense... well you might be right. + The cloak looks superb, i really like the velvet effect you gave it with that red, same for the purple tunic. +/- I'm not a fan of non-metalic metals and specially i don't like bronze/yellow colors so take this part of the comment as at least not totally objective. I think there is just too much of it everyone and it need an additional color that will break the monotony. Also maybe a wash and more shading, i'm not sure about this last tip since is not a technique that i'd use at all. - The basing is not bad for tabletop or a simple display piece, but i think there is a lot that can be done rather than just use a rock for it ( i know you did some paintjob to match the colors with the miniature, that was a great idea ), specially avoid using the actual plastic base if you want to make a mini-diorama instead; in this case the rock goes outside of the base a lot so it doesn't look as harmonious as it should. I know is a very simple detail to fix compared with the hard work you put into painting it but it affects the overall look of the model, every piece need to be at the same level as much as possible.
#438168 Rating: 7 25 May 2015
Simple but effective freehand at the cape The NNM gold (if I interpreted it correctly) on the armour parts is too bright and/or pastel, I would say that you should increase the shadow tones with red-orange-purple browns. On the other hand take my advise lightly as I have never tried NNM and your approach is probably better than the one I could do. xD Evenmore thinking on the time you have spent on it!
#438150 Rating: 8 25 May 2015
For a days work it's a sterling effort..






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