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Pinup White Speaker
Manufacturer: Kingdom Death
Category: Fantasy

by codenamezero


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Pinup White Speaker

Pinup White Speaker

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#442949 Rating: 7 14 Oct 2015
Hey Zero! I really like what you obtained here! Nice skin and sword, I also like the face and hair. I agree with previous comments too
#438929 16 Jun 2015
Really thx for your comment. I think I'll do better with the Twilight Knight.
#438780 Rating: 8 11 Jun 2015
Okay a few thing on this mini. First, good things. Most striking is that you definitely did well on the skin. For females less is more and you didn't go overboard with too deep of shadows. The painting overall is relatively smooth. The NMM gold is very good actually. The back of the cape looks great. The NMM steel is above average. Improvements? The hair and whatever is in her hand need more contrast, both by themselves and against each other. They are both the same color exactly, and neither has much in te way of highlights and shadows on them, which makes them boring when they're supposed to be the focus. The blade needs more mid tone grays in it. The gold could use maybe a few highlights of pure white. The inside of the cape needs to look like tanned hide. Overall tho very good deserves praise! 8.5
#438765 Rating: 7 10 Jun 2015
I can't speak about the skin as I have trouble with large area's of nekkid skin, but I do like the work you've done on the blade. I would suggest that the smoke in her hand be done in a different colour as its too close to the colour you have used for her hair. A very good effort for your attempt with so much skin on show.






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