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xiao pi
Manufacturer: Urban Mammoth
Category: SF

by cyril

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xiao pi

xiao pi

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#370345 Rating: 10 25 May 2012
Damnit this is so good - if you ever sell it, please do give me a shout!
#103678 Rating: 10 29 Sep 2004
you are not going to post a single un perfect mini arent u !?
#92162 Rating: 10 2 Jul 2004
I've been poking around looking at various works on these boards for a year or 2 now, and own the CoolMiniorNot book and this to me, is hands down the best skintone. The paint is so smooth, it does look like a vinyl model. I can't see giving this anything but the best. And those eyes kill me! Bravo
#73214 Rating: 10 9 Feb 2004
Okay. How do you get the surfaces that smooth?
#64108 Rating: 10 9 Dec 2003
[...]non mais j'veux dire, ya pas moyen de mettre 11. Parce que moi j'mappelle Cyril et je suis sûr que c'est pas du nom que çà vient, c'est vraiment le Talent...
#63945 Rating: 9 8 Dec 2003
Very impressive, but I really dislike the weapon, it looks like plastic; the base is extremely impressive by the way
#63869 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2003
AMAZING! How can you get those nice skintones? Are you using vallejo?
#63858 Rating: 9 6 Dec 2003
In this anime style...I guess it just doesn't get much better than this! ------- Flawless skin tones and blending (airbrush??), fantastic colour selection for the purple outfit....clean lines and bright as a button! i love the detail of the little pink dog collar and her jet black hair works very well too! Lovely gunmetal colour on the weapon...again flawlessly shaded! Great facial features done proud by the paint work ...the eyes on the right have it !! marking it down 1 point....why???....while aren't those rivets in the wooden planking meant to be metal in colour (similar to the gunmetal perhaps?)?? How picky is that!!------------- OVERALL ---- FANTASTICALLY SUBLIME -----BRAVO BRAVO!!!
#63705 Rating: 10 5 Dec 2003
I seldom give 10 unless it's well deserved. Excellent work.....drool...
#63689 Rating: 10 5 Dec 2003
WOW! I mean...WOW! I have to agree, if I didn't know better, it looks like it could be one of those larger vinyl kits it's so smooth. Damn nice job. Thanks!






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