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Saint Celestine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Yellow one

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Saint Celestine

Saint Celestine

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#440755 Rating: 10 6 Aug 2015
Wow this is such an underrated piece at 9.2 rating... The gold armour seems to glow, the lighting effects on the cherubs, the gold-leaf on the cape, the blood-drop bracelet thing by the sword hilt....just perfect! The face looks too bright but I think that's merely the contrast against the background, can't fault you for that.
#440312 Rating: 10 22 Jul 2015
Your work is an inspiration to new miniature painters such as myself. I hope that you enjoyed creating this.
#439963 Rating: 10 11 Jul 2015
#439766 Rating: 10 8 Jul 2015
I disagree entirely about comments concerning the base. Fits like a glove. Contrast of setting here shows you are an artist of composition as well as the flair for character. Well done. And the muted values of the face imply a sleeping state as she is lifted to Sainthood and immortality. Your narrative here is refreshingly complex for a 40k mini.
#439707 Rating: 10 6 Jul 2015
Absolutely great. Freehand on the cloak is amazing. Fantastic!!!

#439632 Rating: 10 4 Jul 2015
When I grow up I want to be you!!! Amazing work, all your work is so inspirational!!!!!!
#439385 Rating: 9 29 Jun 2015
The work on the miniature is simply stunning, but the base is just a bit too monotone, even in contrast. Some variation there, even with varied shades of gray would have helped.
#439384 Rating: 10 29 Jun 2015
I don't understand how you can even get to this point with miniature painting... you are in a class of your own... Any advice for an aspiring mini painter?
#439346 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2015
Beautiful as usual. The freehand is simply briliant and really looks lice brocade of an other expensive type of clothing.The base looks strange though, I undestand you wanted it to look bleak in contrast to the mini, but this way it simply looks unfinished.
#439339 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2015






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