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Weapon of last resort
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Fantasy

by Darthmarsh


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Weapon of last resort

Weapon of last resort

This is the collmination of 18 months on and off painting. probably about 120 hours in total. C&C wecome.

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Viewer comments:
#445303 6 Jan 2016
Thanks for the great feedback guys. I really appreciate you voting and commenting
#445125 Rating: 10 28 Dec 2015
An epic scene that tells a story. Awesome work!
#441802 Rating: 10 3 Sep 2015
So epic! I love the story or stories going on here. I don't think I have seen this yet. The OSL on teh demon came out so nicely and is there a face in the water? So many different elements work together really nicely that is quite a feat! I still love the chain!
#441514 Rating: 10 27 Aug 2015
Amazing diorama! I just love the story behind it. Great balance of colour and action.
#441491 Rating: 10 27 Aug 2015
Really nice job
#441311 Rating: 10 21 Aug 2015
very cool diorama! Love to see minis with more base/environment to them
#441177 Rating: 10 17 Aug 2015
#441150 16 Aug 2015
Thanks for all your support and feel back. I think I may have scored a bit of an own goal though with regards to the narrative. The original idea was that an unseen protagonist was the reason the Mage had summoned this massive war demon, not the tentacle. I loved the idea that whatever it was the viewer could picture it in his or her own head. The tentacle was my made for a few reasons. 1) I messed up the amounts of milliput I need after making some terrain and didn't want to waste it and I needed to practice sculpting. 2) I thought the water could do with being made more interesting. Still it does work even if the original idea is diluted a wee bit. Blood father, thanks for the amazing complement mate regrettably I'm not on putty or paint but that's cool
#441096 Rating: 10 15 Aug 2015
Shit!! I clicked to quick :_)
#441095 Rating: 6 15 Aug 2015
10+++ love the concept






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