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Agramon Pit Fiend 77112
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by KruleBear

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Agramon Pit Fiend 77112

Agramon Pit Fiend 77112

Started this one as a lazy paint job on a Bones Mini, but ended up putting more work into than I planned. Pretty happy with the final work. Will look nice on a gaming table.

Thanks for all the help from my forum friends.

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#444553 Rating: 8 6 Dec 2015
Solid work dude. Great to see you painting again
#444544 6 Dec 2015
Thanks my friends, I appreciate all the feedback. I need to start painting higher quality figures. I start these Bones minis with the thought of quick tabletop. Then as I get into the paint I wish it was a higher quality material with better fit and crisper details. @Maenas: that lurking piece was a bit of an accident. I wanted to show the fireball as it blends in with the photo and prove he has eyes under those brooding brows.
#444540 Rating: 8 5 Dec 2015
Solid work buddy
#444536 Rating: 9 5 Dec 2015
8.5 I honestly rated this as your best so far...great great job .
#444534 Rating: 10 5 Dec 2015
This guy came out rocking bud. I really like the color pallet.
#444529 Rating: 7 5 Dec 2015
Bones miniatures can be a pain in the ***, but you got a pretty good job on this one, overall you get over quite a lot of problems and I liked to follow your progress at your WIP thread. I personally like this blue colour and its combination with that yellowy-brown orange, that idea of repeating it on other places was a good one. I think this series of photos went a slightly bit overexposed so your contrast got a bit washed out. Anyway the best of all is that you started to paint again, and that's always terrific news. PS: That side lurking view was a fun addition to the composition xD






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