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Steampunk Wedding Topper
Manufacturer: Guild of Harmony
Category: Steampunk

by Dragonsreach

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Steampunk Wedding Topper

Steampunk Wedding Topper

I got asked to do a Wedding Cake topper for two friends Nade and Steve.
I got Nade to select the figures and she picked Sebastian Archers Guild of Harmony figures.
Lovely Sculpting on the figures and a Dream to Paint.
The Base was the most problematic of all the things to do as the Gear based Arch I'd built, broke less than a week to go before the wedding. It was beyond repair so I had to make this one up instead.

The base is made from a Car Tax Disc holder, a Piece of "Jewellery" from a Cheap shop, watch pieces, brass tube, picture holder pins and Bead craft Fol-de-Rols.

Hope you like it.

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Viewer comments:
#451417 Rating: 10 13 Aug 2016
I am really very surprised this did not score higher. Your finest work IMO.
#445901 Rating: 10 25 Jan 2016
#445873 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2016
That's a beautiful present to give... oneself time, which is a real precious gift. I am sure your friends will be grateful for this gift and keep it in their minds and hearts for ages to come.
#445598 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2016
Beautiful work. A great and meaningful application of your talents. I'm certain that this piece will have an appreciative home for a long time to come!
#445595 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2016
nice!! I love it! Cheers.

#445594 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2016
#445591 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2016
Beautiful, harmonious colours, wikid base.... close ups of the minis would help my aging eyes but as far as cool goes 10
#445584 Rating: 10 16 Jan 2016
That's such an awesome idea [that my girlfriend would never agree to in a million years], way more inventive and expressive than the usual toppers. Shame about the arch breaking, would have liked to have seen that! But excellent job all the same.






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