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Blood Angels Chaplain
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by dexterzg

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Blood Angels Chaplain

Blood Angels Chaplain

this is my version of Blood Angels Chaplain. I've decided to go for an upgraded GW painting version. Shiny and cartoony.

if you are interested in commission me some mini, write me a message:


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Viewer comments:
#453617 Rating: 10 24 Nov 2016
#453438 Rating: 6 14 Nov 2016
incredibly beautiful.... <3<3
#453078 Rating: 9 31 Oct 2016
I don't believe in 10's usually, but something about your style on the model grabbed me. Amazing eye catching NMM. The suttle OSL over the wings pops just right. The freehand lines with the glazing on the wings in paistakingly beautiful.
#451754 Rating: 9 26 Aug 2016
You describe the paint job as "shiny and cartoony" which I think is apt but almost sells the job short. Some effects are hard to describe. One is the look that I've heard best described by Atom ( / YouTube channel of same name - one of my favorites "in the hobby"). Atom described the look as "not looking like it was painted- rather looking like it IS that color" - before you laugh or think it sounds like a stoner thought... try to truly consider what I'm trying to get across. This model looks like "that". It has a beautiful job of blending and color choice as well as shading and light consideration/highlighting that all come together to make it look nearly impossible to replicate. Wonderful Job. I think when voting one's personal model preferences ( model before painting) no matter how much one tries to not let this influence their decision still exist in most cases. Also, what is a 10? (I'm new to voting on paint/modeling jobs) It's so hard to not give this a 10. I guess I'm going to reserve 10 for a job that is just beyond belief and probably involves a great deal of thinking outside of the box as much as I hate to use that phrase. Damn this is a beautiful job.
#449442 Rating: 10 27 May 2016
wow great job
#449418 Rating: 10 26 May 2016
Great Work and amazing NMM!
#448985 Rating: 10 11 May 2016
Nice Work!
#448946 Rating: 10 9 May 2016
Very impressive
#447747 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2016
Awesome! Everything is so clean and perfect. Excellent job!
#447513 Rating: 10 17 Mar 2016
Well done , 10+






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