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The Grande Crane
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by sivousplay


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The Grande Crane

The Grande Crane

A pretty new release from the guys at Rackham. This is a large figure ... 4 inches to the top of his sword. I was talking w/ Dirk Stiller this week and he gave me some very useful critiques on some of my recent work and I tried to incorporate those thoughts into this figure. He's got a ton of detail and it's hard to show it all in a couple of photographs. I'm really pleased w/ how it turned out.

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Viewer comments:
#103713 Rating: 9 29 Sep 2004
Very good work, I love the "short" sword.
#61147 Rating: 10 16 Nov 2003
I'm always a fan.
#56456 Rating: 10 7 Oct 2003
Again with the low contrast schemes. It looks really good here.
#34807 Rating: 10 8 Apr 2003
The blade on that cleaver is very nice. How did you do that bone-cape? It looks so etheral and evil!
#34802 Rating: 9 8 Apr 2003
Very nice colors. A refreshing change from the garish reds, etc you normally see
#30204 Rating: 9 27 Feb 2003
The muted colors add the the realistic feel of this mini. Super job.
#28722 Rating: 9 11 Feb 2003
I love this figure. You have done a great job with him. I like this almost as much as your Sophet Drahas....
#25617 Rating: 10 13 Jan 2003
I love the look of the mini, Did a awsome job. My eyes are drawn to the cleaver to it is awsome
#21571 Rating: 7 3 Dec 2002
j'ai deja vu des modele de cette figurines mieux peint.......sauf l'epee qui est une reussite plus que parfaite(enfin,la lame)
#17097 Rating: 10 21 Oct 2002
Love the paint job - the pallid colors make the fig look more ghostly, eerie. Beautiful detail.






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